untold Will her dream of being written about by the love of her life be fulfilled?

Right from childhood Manav wanted to tell stories and become a writer. For Mukta, there is nothing more important than being the center of his attention that she expresses as “write, a story about me”. In childhood, annoyed by her insistence upon telling a story about her, Manav comes up with a nonsensical story that involves a tiger eating her up when she goes to a garden to fetch a mango.

His dreams of becoming a writer and her family pressures come in the way of their love for each other and she gets married and moves to Mumbai. After sometime, they meet again as Manav comes to Mumbai to work as a columnist for a news portal.

As Manav begins to hope that the past mistakes will be amended and their lives will once again entwine together, his childhood prank story begins to unfold as a prophecy for her life.


Status: Catalogue