SHAB (Anticlock Films)

SHAB is about lives of people who live on the edge of what society finds acceptable. It is about coming to terms with oneself and accepting other people as they are. The film is set in the cosmopolitan city of Delhi where people from all over the country come to fulfill their dreams. For some, these dreams are realized, while others remain in an endless pursuit of some elusive dream. Perhaps it is the hope of ultimately reaching that destination that keeps one going. And then there are others who surrender to the overwhelming power of the city of dreams and get lost in the maze.

SHAB is a story of the search of happiness and love of multiple characters caught in the web of circumstances of an unforgiving and cold city.





Raveena Tandon Thadani

Introducing – Ashish Bisht
Introducing – Arpita Pal Chatterjee
Introducing – Simon Frenay
Introducing -Shray Raj Tiwari
Introducing -Raj Suri

Areez Gandi
Gaurav Nanda

Music On Tips


Associate Director – Amar Kaushik

First Assistant Director – Mitakshara Kumar

Second Assistant Director – Chakshu Arora

Assistant Director – Tanvi Dube (Costume)
Assistant Director – Nikunj Rathod (Art)
Continuity Supervisor – Suraj Gunjal/ Ambika Suri

DA- Siddharth Chauhan, Surya Singh


Supervising Producer: Devika Tandon Nair
Line Producer: Ajay Govind -Sysiphus Films (WRI)

Production Controller – Vinay Kumar

Production Manager – Govind Singh Rathore

In House Production Assistant – Piyush Garg

Casting Director: Ambika Suri

Associate Editor: Suraj Gunjal

Making Of SHAB: Priya Goswami

Promos: White Turtle Studios

Location Sound Recordist: Tanmay Das

Non Sync Sound: THO

Folly: Karan Arjun Singh

Dialogues in Hindi -Adhiraj Singh

Costume Designer – Anita Dongre, Wendell Rodricks, Abhishek Varma
Art Director: Dhanya Pilo
Sound Design: Arun nambiar

Editor – Onir/ Irene Dhar Mallik

Lyrics – Amitabh Varma

Music Director – Mithoon

DOP: Sachin Krishn

Story /Screenplay – Merle Kroeger/ Onir

Co -Produced: Jassi Walia & PONG

Produced by Sanjay Suri, Bhavna Talwar, Onir & Mohan T. Mulani
Directed by – Onir

SHAB (Anticlock Films)

Status: Post-production