raj-suriThe reason I became a co-producer of Chuaranga is to simply support Sanjay and Onir. I fully subscribe to their vision of independent cinema.

Ever since the pre production days of My Brother Nikhil, (2003), I have had

the first hand experience of Onir and Sanjay’s passion, hard work, consistency, integrity and most of all their complete belief in the indie film projects. Looking forward to experiencing the journey of Chuaranga!

Raj Suri (Karigar Australia) — with RAJ SURI global.

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Reviews for CHAURANGA (Anticlock Films)

GyQHzd4 Why watch Chauranga when a lot of what it’s about – pig-herding, love across caste lines, the constant tensions between Dalits and the people who won’t treat them as equals, the young boy who decides enough is enough – was already seen in Nagraj Manjule’s Marathi drama Fandry? One reason could be the mood the… more